Shopify Vs Shopify Plus – Which is the right choice for you in 2022?

Which Is Better for Your Business? What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus (the enterprise version of the e-commerce platform)? This review will be beneficial.

Shopify Plus is the endeavor adaptation of the top-rated Shopify e-commerce stage. For most, the choosing calculate between Shopify vs. credit card expenses, the difficulty took a toll break-even point between Shopify vs. Shopify Plus is almost $800,000 in month-to-month deals. In any case, a productive and growth-focused e-commerce trade with around $2 million in yearly incomes can still discover a bounty of esteem in Shopify Plus. This comprehensive comparison will assist you to choose which of these choices makes more sense for your special commerce.

What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

The main difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus is that Shopify is perfect for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses and Shopify plus is ideal for high-volume e-commerce stores.



A quick summary

Shopify is perfect for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses

Shopify Plus is ideal for high-volume e-commerce stores

How much do the prices compare?

Shopify Plus customizations


A quick summary

Shopify vs Shopify Plus Features & Pricing

Shopify Shopify Plus
Cost Monthly costs vary from $29 to $299. Monthly costs usually start at $2,000 per month.
Features -A wide choice of payment processing alternatives is available (including Shopify Payments)

-Multichannel sales solutions enable you to sell through marketplaces, social applications, and other channels.

-Card processing with fraud prevention -Built-in mailing labels and reduced rates

Everything Shopify has got to offer plus:

-Ability to process over 10,000 orders each minute

-Manage several websites from one management console.

-Provide customer-specific pricing, including wholesale tiers

-Use AI technologies to personalize the user experience.

-Personalize shipping procedures

Drawbacks -Restricted user accounts

-Increased credit card processing fees

-Monthly cost

-An increased learning curve for corporate technologies

Customer Support All options include email, phone, and chat support. Qualified Merchants Success Manager and ongoing Launching Manager
Best For -Sellers of start-ups and side swindles


-Sale of drop shipped and print-on-demand products


-Ecommerce businesses with numerous routes of distribution (i.e., selling across multiple websites, marketplaces, and social media channels)

-High-volume multichannel retailers with yearly revenues of more than $2 million


-Companies in need of volume-focused sales tools


-Sellers who manage several country-specific or wholesale websites


Shopify is perfect for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses

Shopify’s three small-business plans are ideal for a wide range of e-commerce businesses, from side hustles to merchants processing thousands of orders every day. Shopify’s low-cost flat-rate company plans begin at $29, $79, and $299, respectively, and feature tools that allow you to simply set up a beginning website and expand it to a multimillion-dollar online corporation.

All Shopify flat-rate plans offer modern, customizable website designs, multichannel sales through Amazon, eBay, Facebook Shop, Instagram, and drop shipping, as well as built-in shipping labels, fantastic marketing tools, and other features. Many incredibly successful Shopify businesses continue to use the small-business membership and never use the Shopify Plus features.

However, having an enterprise-level solution available with a single click is a significant overall advantage of the Shopify e-commerce platform. If your expansion necessitates additional capacity for high profits, customized user experiences, or advanced operational support, you can easily upgrade to Shopify Plus instead of switching to another platform.

Shopify Plus is ideal for high-volume e-commerce stores. Do You Dreams To Life is a Shopify Plus Agency also?

Shopify Plus is the market’s closest approach to an all-in-one business e-commerce solution. Shopify Plus is a $2,000 monthly charge that adds to what you receive with the Shopify small-business platform (and above).

With Shopify Plus’s near-infinite bandwidth, you can process over 10,000 transactions per minute, reducing website downtime and unavailability during peak sales periods. Order processing, inventory management, customer segmentation, product posting, and other processes may all be automated to save time.

Among the most important aspects of Shopify Plus are the AI-driven user experience and checkout capabilities designed to significantly increase sales. These targeted solutions provide clients a tailored homepage based on their search and shopping history, as well as personalized messaging at the checkout to encourage purchases.

The multi-site options offered by Shopify Plus vs. Shopify are also remarkable. You can manage several website brands from your Shopify Plus account, which is not feasible with any of Shopify’s other small-business solutions. You may also utilize your website to promote bulk discounts or wholesale rates based on the kind of customer account.

Shopify Plus provides a more comprehensive arsenal that both supports high-volume sales and promotes growth-oriented businesses in expanding sales and cart size. Shopify Plus pricing may be out of reach for small enterprises, but the additional earning potential may quickly outweigh the additional cost.

How much do the prices compare?

The cost of Shopify Plus still hasn’t been revealed. You must instead request a quote, with Shopify Plus price based on a percentage of your monthly income. For the majority of move-up vendors, this equates to 0.25 percent of monthly income.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, has a monthly minimum of $2,000 and a monthly maximum of $40,000. As a result, Shopify Plus will always charge you a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $40,000 each month, regardless of your monthly sales.

To make things clear:

  • Monthly fees of $2,000 are calculated by multiplying $800,000 in monthly sales by 0.25 percent (.0025). (The minimum level).


  • Monthly fees are calculated by multiplying $1.5 million in monthly sales by 0.25 percent (.0025).


  • Monthly fees are calculated by multiplying $5 million in monthly sales by 0.25 percent (.0025).


  • Monthly fees of $40,000 are calculated by multiplying $16 million in monthly sales by 0.25 percent (.0025). (Capped fee).


Furthermore, unlike Shopify’s flat-rate alternatives, which you may cancel at any moment, Shopify Plus requires a one-year commitment. As you can see, Shopify Plus is intended for well-established businesses with a track record of financial stability and success.

Shopify Plus may be beneficial to businesses with monthly sales of less than $800,000. With conversion-boosting features that boost revenue growth and lower credit card processing rates than Shopify, Shopify Plus might be a great fit for enterprises with annual sales of around $2 million.

Shopify provides three affordable flat-rate e-commerce options for $29, $79, and $299 per month, in contrast to Shopify Plus pricing. Whether you make $10 or $100,000 in monthly sales, Shopify’s small-business programs keep your monthly charge the same.

Each Shopify small-business plan includes multichannel sales for Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and other platforms, as well as a comprehensive website solution with marketing and administration features built-in.

You receive more staff accounts and access to additional services like gift cards, enhanced shipping, and reporting tools as you progress through Shopify’s flat-rate plan tiers.

Processing fees for credit cards

Shopify and Shopify Plus both contain the built-in credit card processing service Shopify Payments. Most Shopify and Shopify Plus users choose this payment processing option since Shopify charges a transaction fee if you use another payment source, such as PayPal or your merchant account. This additional cost is avoided by using Shopify Payments.

Shopify Payments and “outside provider” costs are depending on your Shopify plan level on Shopify’s small-business plans.

Shopify Payments fees begin at 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction on the $29 monthly plan and decrease to 2.6 percent and 2.4 percent on the $79 and $299 monthly plans, respectively. Similarly, the “other processor” pricing is lower on the more expensive plans.

Shopify Plus members receive lower Shopify Payments rates, which are typically managed based on credit card sale volumes. Most Shopify Plus merchants earn a 2.15 percent plus 30 cents Shopify Payments rate, and the “other provider” transaction fee is lowered to 0.15 percent.

The difference between 2.4 percent plus 30 cents each transaction on Shopify’s $299 monthly plan and 2.15 percent plus 30 cents on Shopify Plus may not appear to be significant. When you process around $450,000 in payments every month, you’re getting close to the breaking point.

Fees for processing payments

Shopify Shopify Plus
Shopify payment % based on $450,000 in monthly sales x 2.4% = $10,800 x 2.15% = $9,675
Monthly Payment 10 $2,000 (minimum)
Total $11,099 $11,675

Even with $450,000 in monthly sales, Shopify Plus is somewhat more expensive than Shopify’s $299 flat-rate subscription. However, it’s reaching the tipping point and, for most retailers, the extra money is well worth it when you consider the additional features Shopify Plus offers.

For companies looking to raise profits quickly, upgrading to Shopify Plus — even before reaching the $450,000 monthly sales threshold — might be a wise investment. Indeed, when annual sales reach around $2 million, some Shopify experts recommend subscribing to the Shopify Plus platform, which allows for faster growth.

Shopify Plus customizations

Shopify Plus offers a completely customer-centric online experience with advanced user experience technologies and behavior-driven AI.

Create your homepage layouts.

Your Shopify Plus website’s homepage may be customized based on customer purchase history and behavior. Using Shopify Scripts and Shopify Flows, which are only available to Shopify Plus users, you may fill your homepage with products that are likely to interest your customers. You may also display customized discount pricing and coupon deals based on your clients’ choices using Flows and Scripts.

Convert virtual “in-home” meetings into a reality.

Using Shopify Plus’s augmented reality, 3D, and video capabilities inside product pages, you can create “live” in-home previews that mimic – and improve on – the retail shopping experience.

Make checkout pages that will boost conversions.

With Shopify Plus, you can customize checkout pages and flows, something you can’t do with Shopify’s flat-rate choices. Progressive discounts and offers based on goods in the cart, cart totals, and client settings have been demonstrated to greatly increase conversions and cart totals.

Make an impulsive purchase.

One-click digital wallet checkout is integrated directly into the product page in Shopify Plus. This quick-purchase tool has been shown to increase conversions by providing an impulse-buy experience while reducing “cart regret” and abandoned carts.

Pricing in advance, shipping, and active flows are all significant factors.

Users can choose from a variety of customized pricing, automation, and delivery options with Shopify Plus. To define and enable these, Shopify Scripts and Shopify Flows are also used. In Shopify Plus, there are a few options for customizing your price and shipping, as well as automating operational operations.

Create customer-specific pricing.

You may define all forms of customer-based price tables and volume discount displays using Scripts and Flows and assign them to your customer presets. You may, for example, put up a Gold-member pricing reduction or wholesale price structures that only appear when specific client categories register into your website.

Deliver with a customer-centric mindset.

Shopify Plus supports a broad range of unique shipping and delivery options, which you may customize using Shopify Scripts. Shipping options and savings depending on client choices, such as giving freight shipment only to wholesale clients, are examples of these. You may also specify item-specific shipping rates and discounts, as well as customer-driven purchase minimums.

Make your procedures more automated.

To streamline your operations, you can also create time-saving automation rules with Shopify Plus Flows and Scripts. For example, you might set up a Flow to send low-inventory warnings to specific employees or productivity tools like Trello or Slack.

Shopify Flow may also be used to send orders to various fulfillment centers, drop shippers, or in-house warehouse groups. A customer service follow-up call may be made if there is an inventory problem or a shipment issue. Based on various triggers and events, you may design a range of time-saving Flows.

Consumers can be assigned to presets using flows depending on a recent checkout or their overall purchase history. This is the key to automating customized user experiences like the customer-targeted home page, discount, and pricing displays mentioned earlier.

For example, the Flow below automatically enrolls a client in a reward program based on the quantity of their order and whether or not they have opted in to receive marketing communications. Customers who join a loyalty program will receive any pricing, home page, checkout, and shipping customization that the loyalty program provides.


Every minute of website downtime may cost a high-volume company hundreds of dollars in missed revenue. Due to its infinite bandwidth capacity, Shopify Plus has a significant edge over Shopify in this regard.

Shopify Plus websites are hosted on super-fast servers with no bandwidth, storage, or capacity restrictions. These systems are capable of handling over 10,000 transactions per minute. This ensures that your consumers always have the fastest and most error-free virtual experience possible – from the first search to the final checkout.

All Shopify flat-rate plans include unlimited products, storage, and bandwidth, so you’ll never be charged extra for extra storage or bandwidth due to traffic spikes.

The flat-rate plans do, however, have bandwidth constraints, and merchants may experience site delays or errors during traffic surges caused by flash sales or national media coverage, but this is unusual.

Staff accounts with no limits

Unlike Shopify’s restricted staff accounts, which start at two on the $29 monthly plan and reach a maximum of 15 on the $299 plan, Shopify Plus allows for an unlimited number of staff accounts. If you use Shopify for operations, marketing, warehousing, customer service, and web development, having unlimited user accounts can help you increase productivity dramatically.

Support for many websites

You may create several versions of your website using Shopify Plus, allowing you to sell in different regions, languages, and currencies. You may also host a separate wholesale version of your website, replete with wholesale pricing lists, discount structures, and shipping options that display based on the preferences of your clients.

Flat-rate Shopify plans, on the other hand, all support a single website with basic language and currency translators and pricing capabilities.

Account managers that work exclusively for you

Overall, Shopify has a great reputation for customer service. Any seller on its flat-rate small-business plans has access to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, chat, email, and a large knowledge library with tutorials.

This functionality is additionally expanded in Shopify Plus by assigning a dedicated Launch Manager for those who are launching or upgrading to Shopify Plus. A professional Merchant Success Manager deals with ongoing assistance and day-to-day challenges (MSM).

Unlike Shopify’s standard support, where sellers are assigned to a different service representative each time, Shopify Plus Launch Managers and MSMs have direct knowledge of customer accounts. They aren’t simply apathetic support employees, though. Instead, they’re platform partners that want to make sure you’re making use of all the tools available to you as you grow your Shopify Plus business.

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