How to Find Web Developers for a Small Business if You Have a Tight Budget?

In the beginning, most business owners usually do not have a lot of money. And the most affordable way to launch a marketing campaign would be the Internet. How do you get a good website and not break an arm and a leg?

New businesses faced with the task of creating a website to promote their product or service for the first time should understand what the criteria are for choosing web developers. The service is complex. There are so many offers. The price tag on the same task can be quoted as a four or six-digit figure. Estimates are from a few days to three months. I want to clarify and make the selection process easier for you.

So, let’s determine the conditions. Scenario: there is an entrepreneur, he or she needs a website for a small business, allocated budget is less than $2,000. Who to contact?

Whom To Hire for your web development Needs?

Freelance Web Developer or Agency


I have experience working as a freelancer. I know all about it. Fables, fairy tales, and even songs can be made about working with a freelancer. Many stories on the Internet are not always with a happy ending. Clients search and search on freelancing platforms like Upwork with the hopes of getting a good website with a new freelancer. As an experienced freelancer myself, I was capable of making a decent site but it wouldn’t cost any cheaper than my agency. And the probability of finding a freelancer with my skillset is quite low, and the risk of finding an unreliable freelancer is very high.

A cheap freelancer will probably build something for you but in the process can drop the project for any reason. And the fate of your website will not worry him/her. The quality of code will not be guaranteed and then you will have to look for a new developer. In the end of the day, you take the risk of losing money and time. The result will be either cheap and inefficient or efficient but expensive for you.


Another way is to contact a web studio or an agency. There is a huge amount of them on the market. Let’s look at them closely. Remember that we are thinking from the perspective of a small business. And for this category, perhaps an important criteria is the cost. This is a stable demand for websites with a cost below $2,000 in the US. And since there is demand, there is also supply. Basically, you might think that freelancers are the only option here. But there are also agencies that chose such a difficult path. Their huge quantity is a result of small businesses not wanting to interact with freelancers. This is quite evident.

Time is money. Although you might be saving money by hiring an inexpensive freelancer, you would also be spending a lot of time delegating, explaining, correcting its execution. If it does not happen the process of mutual misunderstanding is inevitable. There are many edits, leading to the despondency at first the freelancer, and then the client.

In an agency like mine (Dreams To Life, LLC), all these processes are regulated by our technical manager, and the work is based on rules. With your budget you will receive management, skilled coders, the whole package of guarantees, and great IT solutions for your tasks.

Choosing an agency

How to choose an agency if there are thousands of them, and you are a small business?

Here are two options I can think of:

  • Go online and use a search engine. Search for something like “Best Shopify development agency” and look at the first pages. Select suggestions you like.
  • Ask your friends, colleagues and/or your network for recommendations. Some people from your network might already have the experience of working with an agency.

Next step is to evaluate agency’s website, clients, the team members, previous work, used technologies, and proposed services. Look at the agency’s social networks and specialists’ social networks, indicating the competence and seriousness of the potential agency. Analyze all the information received. Then request a quote. This is, in fact, not very difficult.

Hire the Best E-commerce Developer.

As you can see, getting a low-budget small business website up and running is quite possible with an agency engaged in this work professionally. With an affordable budget, we at Dreams To Life work with all options: from very expensive to ultra-low price projects. We look forward to working with you!