Design Never Matters

Design is an art. Sales is design. Selling is an art.

Have you ever wondered why some people can sell everything and some people nothing?
Everything around us is the product of someone or something. And we are all designed. We
produce our actions, behavior, speech, our companies, material products … We produce and
design them without perhaps being aware of it.
Some people have an innate talent for design. Some of them specialize in design and offer
professional services. For some, the design is completely foreign and they have absolutely no
sense for it.
All of these people, successful and unsuccessful, may have never thought that design is exactly
the main factor of their success or failure.

Chocolate at 10 thousand meters in height

Getting a good design is not an easy process. In our era, solutions come quickly, but problems
come quickly too. Once upon a time it was enough to put up a poster about your product and
that’s it. Customers will come.
Nowadays the entire world is built from marketing. Wherever we turn someone has advertised
his product. If you drive, you will come across advertisements on the highway. If you are 10
thousand meters in the air, the service on the plane brings you your favorite famous chocolates.
And you will buy them! It’s art.

What about quality?

Of course, the customer can buy the product for the first time and never again, because it is not
of good quality. But what made him buy the product for the first time?

Design never matters

This is a fact but only for those who do not know the importance of design. Successful people
will always put a strong emphasis on the design of their product. Quality and good design are
like two wings of one bird. If any of them are missing, the bird will fall. However, for the first
impression and for the first purchase, the key is not quality, but design! Design is the first thing
that catches the customer’s attention. If the quality meets his needs, he will continue to buy.

Sense of design

It is not enough to just make sense for design. It is necessary to have experience and feeling for
the target group to which we sell our product. That is why there are professional designers who
will give your product the place it deserves and place you in a high place in the world.
Many brands in the world have become popular because of their designers and unique ideas.

Don’t buy the cats in the bags

Long in the Middle Ages, vendors cheated customers by putting cats in a bag instead of pigs.
When customers opened the bag, they would find a cat instead of a pig. A similar thing will
happen if you hire a non-professional designer for your needs who has not done the preparation
and good enough research about your product and the market in which you place it.
Design is a big process, starting from communication with the client, research, making a
wireframe and the basic concept, all the way to the smallest details of your product.

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